Native Tourist: Point Reyes

I had been wanting to go to Point Reyes but could never find the right time. One Friday night as I went to bed I looked at their calendar of events. They were offering two tours I wanted to take the children on. I forget precise names but one was dealing with earthquakes and other was a lighthouse. Thought occurred to “just do it.” So we did.
The next day we woke up and headed to Point Reyes, everything else was put on hold. The children and I really needed it. And learned a lot to top it off.
Faith enjoyed the visitor center the most because they recreated the habitats & animals that could be found outdoors. They did a great job. It is right in line with her dollhouse making.
The boy said that he didn’t have a favorite part, he liked it all.
Peace enjoyed the scenery, especially the beach.
I dont have a favorite either. The tour guide for the earthquake walk thoroughly enjoys his job so he did a fabulous job. We hadn’t discussed plate tectonics in a while so great review and it was good to see how much the earth had shifted during the 1906 earthquake. The drive from visitor center to the lighthouse was calming and beautiful. The light house. Just exploring around that area and taking the time to be still there was grand.

This trip inspired me to want to do things like this more often (like we used to) and to do regular blog posts about trips like this called the Native Tourist.
Here are a few pictures:



Some facts I recall:
Leaves of three let them be, but if its hairy it’s a berry. I had never heard the second half of jingle but the children had.

Sf quake of 1906 ruptured 17ft in 45 seconds.


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