You Have Time

A homeschooling friend mentioned that she has to stop people from just dropping by, coming to stay with them for vacations and/or interrupting their lives in general at random times because it throws them off. She mentioned that people feel that way because they have the mindset of “oh they homeschool so it must be ok.”

I looked at it from this perspective too for awhile. Sometimes I would be resentful towards folks. It would seem crazy to me that they would be praising me for what they see in My children (all praise due to God) academically, spiritually, and socially but at the same time disrespecting the process. Then I realized that although I was in the THICK of it, I too had a little of that. I would allow myself to get caught up in the “we homeschool, we have time or we can do it later” mindset. So i would allow others and stuff to throw us off. Then I began to set stricter boundaries. It took us a minute to get used to less is more and sticking to our schedule but after experimenting for a semester we realized that it was our best semester in quite some time.
But then the next semester came and we fell back into old ways and tho it was a decent semester it was no where near as good as the prior. So the proof was in the pudding. Go back to what works. And that we did.
It isn’t easy passing up so many cool homeschool activities, time with friends, mosque projects, and such but the reality is we have work to do. We are not unschoolers, each semester we set goals for ourselves and expect them to be accomplished. At least most of them. I understand that things come up and some goals may not be accomplished, but the bulk of them should if a reasonable attempt is made. With the way we have been scheduling our days we have a lot more good days, not as rushed, a lot more mastery of subjects, personal project time, and are still able to participate in a good amount of activities/projects with ALL the various communities we belong to. I even took 5 personal classes this semester and did well in all of them. Although I do not think I will do that again it is a testament to the fact that for this station In our lives we have a working formula.
So in the end it goes back to
1. People only treat you the way you allow them to treat you
2. To homeschoolers and friends/family of homeschoolers…homeschooling takes time. I am not saying do not invite or ask us to do things, but don’t get bent out of shape or take it personally when are not able to attend an activity or event, help in YOUR emergency, or house you during your vacation. Homeschooling may not be school at home like “traditional” brick and mortar schools but we are still putting in work.


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