Native Tourist: getting to LA

We decided to take the Megabus instead of drive. Yay me! I get to relax too, in more ways than one. You know all the stresses that go into driving (potential tickets, gas cost, wear & tear on car, accidents,etc etc). And it is much cheaper. Due to Megabus just starting in Cali and a flood of advertising our tickets to La were $96. Still a great deal for 4 people. The return is only $12. So a total of $108 to get 4 people to & from La. I can dig it!

The bus was a perfect hour late. It didn’t bother me much and I actually got to bond with a cool elderly lady. God always works things out. I am sure she could have managed on her own but it was an honor to be able to help her and make sure she a few other seniors were assisted first. She even sat near us on the top level. (It is a double decker bus). She wouldn’t have ventured up there without the help. Downstairs was more crowded so she would have had to share but up there she had two seats to herself.
The wifi wasn’t working but we didn’t have gadgets anyway. We went old school. Books. And card games.
We made decent time. Made one 20 min stop.
Like Faith said, ” mom, the megabus is cool once you get on it.”
They dropped us at Union Station. The portions we saw were beautiful. Hopeful we will get to view it at a decent hour to see it s little better.
Here’s a pic of children’s first taxi ride



One thought on “Native Tourist: getting to LA

  1. Yes, it is so nice to connect with our elders. We went to see a Monday matinee viewing of Django Unchained. On the way out, we chatted briefly with three elders from North Carolina who reminisced about their childhood on a farm, sharecropping, and white terrorism. Just the sound of their voices made me smile–their accent is a little different than the one I’m used to hearing from those on my father’s side from Texas. My children were able to be exposed to a Southern sensibility thanks to my parents and elders in both families, but who among them will be left by the time my future grandchildren are born? It makes me sad for black folks on the west coast. It was so nice being around them even though it was so brief. They asked about our kids and seemed pleased by their accomplishments and their good manners. Just like the way it’s supposed to be, right? But being outside of the black Christian church, we’ve missed out on a lot of that kind of interaction.

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