A Lot to Process

The adventure continues. Initially I thought I would post about our latest travel adventure in order. I should have been posting on a daily basis for that to happen. Now I’m backlogged. Certain things I want to talk about more than others. And some things I am not prepared to post because I am still processing the experience and haven’t yet found the words to adequately express what I have seen or experienced.
Anyway, for those that are interested in following a day-by-day approach my apologies if I bounce around too much for you. This is the order of the trip to help you put it in order.
Oakland>LA>TJ AIRPORT>MEXICO CITY>TJ airport>Ensenada>TJ to walk across border > OAKLAND (via greyhound & megabus)
Inshallah (if it is God’s will)

Oh & we are doing well. (Praise God) Everything is going according to plan. Well minus the fact that two places we wanted to go to in Mexico City decided to close when they were supposed to be open. i think that set the tone for Mexico City portion because we decided to ditch a bunch of other museums to just explore the city. More on that later, I hope.
The children are troopers & are definitely in explore more.





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