Chain Stores: As I Ride This Bus

As I ride this bus through a few cities, checking out the landscape, it rekindles how much I don’t like chain stores. I must admit that I do shop at chain stores, but I prefer locally owned or mom and pop shops.
This dislike is more apparent when I travel, even short distances. Chain-stores take away from the character or uniqueness of places. We were recently in LA and I did go to Walgreens and Rite Aid, which made me totally, until now forget the subconscious pact I made with myself. The pact was more in terms of our food sources but I wish I made it across the board. I did just go to those stores out of convenience, they were literally across street from hotel, but that is how they get you.
Maybe it’s just me but when I’m in Timbuktu I don’t want access to the Exact same stuff that is in Nebraska. There are times when having some comforts of home are great but I think the sameness has gone a little too far.

Disclaimer: I know there are many deeper issues that this post does not cover such as global economy, sweat shops, value of small businesses to communities they serve, etc etc.


2 thoughts on “Chain Stores: As I Ride This Bus

  1. I’m enjoying your thoughtful journey. I’m especially impressed to see photos of your journey. Yours is the first black family that I’ve seen blog this way about family life and home schooling. Cool!

    • Thanks Terri, I am glad you are enjoying and grateful you take the time to comment.
      Let me know when you find some others like this too because I sure am looking as well.

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