Native Tourist: Lil Tokyo & Olvera St. in LA

Today we headed to Lil Tokyo, Olvera St, & Grand Central Market.
Lil Tokyo went well. I wanted to take Peace for sushi since she tries to make it at home. The restaurant I wanted to try (Shojin) didn’t open until 5:30 so we went to plan b, San Sui Tei. The customer service was great and the food was ok. We enjoyed the vegetable ramen. The sushi & vegetable tempura was alright. The Boy tried the wasabi and was in full agreement with Mater from Cars. I was proud of Faith for trying a little bit of everything. Normally, she would not.
We also went to the Koban center. It wasn’t what we expected but they did give us a map of Little Tokyo and let us know where the gardens were.
The Japanese garden in the Doubletree was nice in theory, but the city noise was rather loud, a woman was up there smoking, and the Xmas music playing through the speakers messed it up for me so we didn’t stay long.
We then headed to Olvera St. Faith was overjoyed because she wanted a burrito. When we arrived there was a live performance going on.

The children also purchased milk fudge…SWEET!
We also toured the Avila adobe.

From there we headed to Grand Central Market partly for fruit but also to show them a spot I would frequent on occasion. Usually after I spent the day studying at the central library.
All-in-all a good day.


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