Native Tourist: Ca Science Museum & African American Museum

I almost forgot that we hooked up with a college friend and her family to go to the CA Science Center.
It was wack. Maybe it was too crowded for our liking.
I would have loved to take Peace (all of them) to the Cleopatra exhibit but the price. I kept going back and forth trying to decide. Obviously I decided not to. She actually did since the travel budget was part of the lessons. At this juncture we just didn’t want to splurge. Maybe the exhibit will come to a local museum and we can arrange a group tour.

Anyway, after the science center we weren’t ready to go and discovered that there was an African-American Museum down the road. And free.
We really enjoyed this museum.
Off top of my dome, three most memorable things about museum:
(I already decided to cheAt, going to generalize on first point)
1. They had a room dedicated to religious art. We couldn’t pick our favorite piece.
2. We learned interesting facts about blacks in golf. Their grandfather really enjoys golf, so they were really into in hopes to bring back info to share with him.
3. I learned about the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company that was owned, operated, & for black folks.







2 thoughts on “Native Tourist: Ca Science Museum & African American Museum

  1. Yes! We know all about the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company. My father was an agent for multiple companies (not Golden State, long story). But he taught classes for new agents at the Golden State office in Oakland back in the day. He fondly reminisces about all of the black-owned businesses in Oakland: movie theaters, restaurants, newspapers, a bank, etc. We’re glad you had a fun and safe trip.

  2. “The CA Science Center was wack.” “Off the top of my dome…” Love your commentary, Erika! LOL. You’re very down to earth and still manage to stay grammatically correct. I can’t do that. LOL

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