Native Tourist: Mexico City

Mexico City. Where do I begin? I think I want to just do a picture or two a day and flow from there. I didn’t take many photos and haven’t looked at images from children’s camera. I used my phone.
If you haven’t gathered yet this is a very economical trip. Fun but budget-friendly. It cost a lot of money to fly out of the Bay Area into Mexico City so we took Greyhound from LA to TJ airport. That saved a few hundred per person.
With the added bonus of getting to go to LA, which was a great primer for Mexico City.


I could have posted a picture of Peace drooling on my shoulder, the false advertisement that the bus had wifi, the messed up picture of the airport but instead I chose this picture of a Scientology building.
I don’t think I took one picture of a Catholic Church or all their statues and such. Didn’t interest me. And you can see much better imAges on the Internet anyway, if you are really interested.


4 thoughts on “Native Tourist: Mexico City

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted about your trip. That way, I don’t have to worry about you guys; I know you’re safe and having fun.

    • We are back now. I am taking some post from my journal. And creating new ones. I didn’t journal as much in Mexico City.
      Honored that you are taking the time to read the blog.

      • I like the pic of the museum (and your kids running for their lives across the street???). I’m wearing reading glasses now so have patience with me as I decipher pictures LOL. I like your reasons for not choosing other popular pics. You’re right, there are tons of them on the internet. You are truly an inspiration for me in going to Mexico on a budget. Our family just might copy your trip down to a T.

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