Mexico City: zocalo (part 1)


Our first trip to the zocalo. There was some event going on, hence a lot of people. I would later find out that there is always a lot of people regardless of if there is an event or not.
Oh, the picture. It is rather random but he did get a HUGE cup of Jamaica. Initially I didn’t mind until I began to wonder about frequent bathroom trips. He surprised me, I still was the main “I gotta use the restroom” culprit.
Like Tamika said, “some folks have their cigarette money, their alcohol money, but not Erika. She has her bathroom money.” Yes you have to pay to play. It didn’t dawn on me to take pictures of the various bathroom strongholds until we were leaving Enseneda. And for that, I apologize. That would have been an interesting photo essay, in my humble opinion.



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