Mexico City: Protest at the Zocalo


This photo does not give their demonstration justice. I’ll tell you why in a minute.
I couldn’t figure out what they were saying because (1) limited spanish (2) they were competing with several other events so hard to decipher. So after observing for a brief moment I thought it may have been about gay rights. Moreso from the rainbows & a few of the participants. I snapped the photo then moved on. Not wanting to remotely seem as if I was participating or trying to participate. Why? It is against their constitution for foreigners to participate in rallies and demonstrations. My children’s first time out of the U.S.A. on a cause I knew/know nothing about was not about to get me “caught up.” Did I mention my spanish is limited?
Anyway, we wonder around a little more and come to another location and I think this same crowd is actually protesting for a man that seems nice enough. They had a bunch of posters posted of what a great guy he was/is. But so much was going on I have no clue if this is even same group. Plus i was halfway in and halfway out. You know, where is that museum? Wait, let me read this poster. “Mom, is this the st we cross.” I stop look at st, look back at poster, look at all other stuff going on around me as well. Once again, we move on. This time with no picture. (My bad.)


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