First Day Back At It

Today was our first official day of this semester. Despite my desire to only schedule outside appts on particular days of week or at a certain time doctors and such try to act busy and booked 🙂
So though I would have loved to have a calm smooth morning at home, sticking to the school schedule it didn’t quite work out like that.
Light exercise.
Hospital. (Not emergency just to get an already much needed procedure done.)
Home for school for a moment.
Grocery shopping
Home for more school
Long relax break where folks got to just be.
Good Documentary (Independent Lens presented Soul Food Junkies on PBS)
Bed (hopefully I will exercise discipline and go soon.)

Despite the interruptions the day flowed smoothly.
I Ran into an old coworker at the library that I hadn’t seen in years. Was great to catch up.
And we completed all the goals for the day, minus spanish.

Tomorrow should be interesting as well. Inshallah all will be well again.



She said that I was acting like paparazzi. Hence the lowered head.


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