Mexico City: I’m No Doomsday Prepper

I am not a doomsday prepper but to make my mind feel at ease I did pack a good amount of spirulina/chlorella mix for our journey. You know, just in case.

Yes, it is good to have to keep us healthy and Ingesting some form of greenery in our diet. (Our diet was OFF!)
But another reason is because of natural disasters. You can live off spirulina/chlorella. Yes, we would probably want the sensation of chewing but nutritionally we could rock and roll with just the spirulina. Hence I packed it and explained to them why. It wasn’t a shock but they did say wow, no smoothie to wash it down.
In hindsight, the next time (if we are so blessed to take another journey) I will get pill form. The powder form is what we had on hand so this is what we used.
I did have them mix a few times in their fresh juice but I wasn’t a stickler for making them take it daily, like at home.

AND THANK GOD, there wasn’t any natural disasters while we were there.

And in case you are wondering, yes I tried to keep water with us too.

So tho it wasn’t a lot of “food” just in case something unforeseen happened, it was enough to know that I could feed my children if anything happened.
And that’s comforting.


Almost forgot, they also had a few cliff bars stashed.


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