Mexico City: Teotihuacan

I want to blog but don’t feel like talking. So I asked the children what they thought as they were headed to bed.

Peace: very fun, not hard to climb, if you are black people will stare at you and want to take pictures with you.

Faith: pyramids were steep so had to be very careful going down.

The Boy: a lot of people wanted to take our picture. Didn’t seem steep when I was going up, but very steep when I came down.

Me: I enjoyed praying at the top of the pyramid of the sun. In hindsight, I wish we stayed up there longer.

If you want to know more I included the wiki link. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



The Boy has his whistle


Faith has her whistle


Lets climb


Oh! Tunnels. So we went through the tunnels before we climbed.





The Boy wanted to climb a small one that was in the shape of a turtle.


I wanted to climb another one (pyramid of the moon), but they didn’t so I went solo. Oh my did I enjoy the silence and alone time. I could have stayed there for hours.



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