Mexico City: Traveling While Black

Yesterday the children reminded me of the traveling while black issue.
We got a ton of stares. It didn’t bother me, however it bothered Peace. We didn’t see many black people while there. We were a rarity. Some gawked more politely than others. Yes, we were asked if we would take pictures with folks while at pyramids and zoo but that was about it. God willing I will post about one of the three kings in black face, which was a regular occurrence. We saw Many of then. And another post on the black Cuban we met that lived there.
It also leads to the obvious caste system in their culture. White is right reins supreme and it seems to be deeply etched into the people, tho it will verbally be denied. I haven’t done any in-depth study but I know a little history and what I observed in 2012/2013. And it is not surprising.
I found this article. I am sure there are plenty more.


2 thoughts on “Mexico City: Traveling While Black

  1. They need to recognize, they (Mexicans) have African roots.
    Full Episode: Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet
    “In Mexico and Peru Professor Gates explores the almost unknown history of the significant numbers of black people—the two countries together received far more slaves than did the United States —brought to these countries as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, and the worlds of culture that their descendants have created in Vera Cruz on the Gulf of Mexico, the Costa Chica region on the Pacific, and in and around Lima,”

    • Zawadi, Zawadi, Zawadi… . Thanks for links. I forgot about those. I was looking for an email I sent to Robert that talked about my comfort level and this being my world. Mexico City just a part of my backyard I had not explored yet but I couldn’t find it.
      Anyway, As you know white supremacy is alive and well.

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