Do You Speak Conqueror?

A post to (re)inspire me on my journey to learn another language.
I began in Sept 2012 on my quest to become fluent in Spanish. I enrolled in a conversational class at a local jc, played a few apps, & used Rosetta Stone level one (cd). Oh & planned a trip to Mexico City, Mexico for practical application. (And to fulfill a long time goal of taking the children out of the country.)
All went fairly well. I got an A in the class, BUT I do not think my conversational skills improved much. Rosetta was kinda boring, & I liked the convenience of the apps. The trip… it was funtabulous. Upon our return I had the intention to continue the journey because I am no where near my goal. Week 1 went by and I achieved the goals set for the week. I also realized that this is going to take a lot of determination because uuuummm Rosetta Stone is rather boring. But I plan to see it through.
Rosetta down!Rosetta down! (man down man down)
I don’t know why it isn’t working and initially I didn’t mind. It gave me a pass. But here I am realizing that I will not reach my goal at this rate. So I need to figure out what the problem is so I can get back on track.


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