Mexico City: The Laundry


I’m not sure if I mentioned that everyone got one backpack. That’s it. I was not budging. Everyone was responsible for carrying their own stuff. That being stated, there was going to come a time where laundry had to be washed. So either we would find a laundromat or we would wash by hand. I preferred the first, but was also looking forward to teaching them the latter.
Initially the plan was to wash in LA before departing to Mexico, even though we still had a good amount of clean clothes. However time and grimy feel of downtown LA made me hold off.
We arrive in Mexico City and begin to explore and such. Laundry is on my mind but not main thing. I ask for a laundromat but they try to direct me to hotel services. Ummmm no, too much money. Then they direct me to an outside cleaners in back of hotel. Uuuummm no. I want a laundromat. I want to do it myself. That’s all I can afford. Ooohhhh. Then he pointed me into the neighborhood with an I think it is down there. I go but no luck. I chalk it up and say we have a few days left. Lets go explore.
The following day, or was it two days later, I’m like ok I gotta find a laundromat so I venture off into neighborhood and ask the natives. I found a spot where I could wash or they would wash for me. I decide to let them wash the clothes so I could use my time being a tourist. He told me when to come back but after 5. I say sure.
The day arrives for me to pick up the clothes and we are late. Not extremely late, before 6. Well, the laundromat is closed. I don’t worry. We’ll come back tomorrow. We show up the next morning and it is still closed. I go on with my day trying not to worry. We have a great day but the clothes are in back of my mind.
I got up the next day and went by there. Yep, still closed. At this point I am trying not to panic stress, ESP since we really did have enough clothes to where we could still make it the rest of our journey. We would just have to do a lot of washing by hand. I calm the children by telling them potentially that is more room in their bags to buy stuff since that’s ALL they seemed to want to do. They were geeked about that. They began to fantasize: The Boy toy cars, Faith stuffed animals, & Peace…more clothes. We were about to head out for the day and I said let me run by the laundromat one more time…just in case. Peace asked to join me. Lo and behold they were open. We were happy on one hand but then they realized no room for new stuff 🙂

Oh in case you were wondering. No hours, phone numbers and such were posted. I’m not going to say that no businesses had that stuff but not many did, especially the neighborhood spots. I paid even more attention to those minor details after this incident. As Faith said I kept saying in my Ms. Frizzle’s voice “It’s ALL part of the adventure.”


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