Mexico City: Every Space is a Potential Store





I loved the hustle mentality in the people. Everybody had a business. Every piece of sidewalk could instantly turn into a business. It did make me wonder how things are regulated, or if they are regulated at all.

The pictures above are of a “mall.” I am not sure what the locals call it but that’s what it was. The amazing thing is that it is broken down and put back up daily. I noticed that during the week it is one row of vendors, but on weekends it turns into a 3 (+) rows of vender and it spans at least 3 blocks. And as you can see, spills into the street. I believe more but not sure if the locals consider this one and one that continues about half a block up one in the same. Anyway, I attempted to take pictures at various times of day but it didn’t work out too well.
Oh the downside to everybody selling stuff was that my children did drive me crazy with their wanting to consume. It was a bit much. I believe it waned the more we were there though.

Last point, yes they have “regular” malls and plazas too.


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