Mexico City: Polanco

Polanco… Where to begin?
A neighborhood of affluence.
Here’s the wiki link

We happened upon this area because there was something that caught Peace’s attention. In addition, it was next to Chapultec so we went. The differences between what we had previously seen was _______. (Can’t think of a word.)
Moving on.
As we got off the metro you could tell there was money here. How so, you may be wondering. Clean streets, big homes, TREES, and storefronts. The storefronts were different. As I have previously expressed that stores are every where in Mexico City. These were the kinds you see in affluent neighborhoods. There was even a st market and that too was different. Fresh produce with a good amount of veggies and more luxury items. Did I mention cleaner? Oh and folks in this neighborhood did not gawk at us. You also didn’t have to pay to use the restroom. They started conversations and most spoke English. I guess you can say the masses in this particular environment were “cultured.”
We liked the neighborhood because uuummm who wouldn’t? However, the disparities pulled at our heart strings. And the way the dark skinned natives were treated was saddening. We also got to experience an ignorant guy at the ice cream shop. He said rude things to his co-workers thinking we didn’t speak spanish, and his attitude was foul. But why wouldn’t it be, we were beneath him in his eyes yet he had to serve us😜. that emoticon was pressed by mistake but it fits. I’ll leave it.It just showed his ignorance and now my biases get to come out, that’s why he works at an ice cream parlor.
While we were there the first time we spotted a really nice park. There were also ponds where you could drive remote controlled boats.
We took note of all this and headed to the forest.


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