Mexico City: Polanco (again)

We looked at our itinerary and, yep you guessed it, we didn’t want to follow it. We unanimously decided to head back to Polanco to let the children play in the park and then to Chapultec. We wanted to relax and be in nature, despite the classism present in the area. It was our last day.




The children played. And played. I read. Tamika & Peace wandered the neighborhood a bit. Then it happened.
The younger two made friends. I read about this when preparing for our journey. A quick sure way to make friends is to frequent the local parks. The irony in it is that the native Polancians (ok made that up) didn’t speak to us. The friends ended up being from WAY across the city. And yes, they were dark skinned. They happened to be there because their grandmother cleans an office building in the neighborhood. Nonetheless we were elated, exchanged info and hopefully the girls will be Penpals. Faith has already written her. She wrote in English then translated to Spanish. The girl doesn’t have access to Internet so she will just write in Spanish and Faith can translate. We shall see.


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