One Month In

First month of this semester down. Hmmm it’s been good. Not over the top fun…nor watching paint dry boring. Children are in bed so can’t ask for their opinions. So I guess I will fumble through this on my own.
The Boy:
His summarizing skills are improving. I think he almost has it now.
He is chugging along in math. He doesn’t attack it with the same zeal as last semester. That seemed to wane when I mandated multiplication memorization. He still seems to enjoy it but he is working at a normal pace. Which is fine.
Science…of course he likes that. We have been doing pretty cool experiments. Studying physics to compliment his robotics classes. Totally coincidental by the way. Or maybe the genius of my subconscious.
This is enough on him. I don’t care for long posts.

He calls it the winner. It has one a few skirmishes of sumo.

Putting that work formula to the test.

Her fav is prob her Quantum classes. She has also decided to start studying Latin…again. “Mom, I wish I studied more when we were doing it years ago.” Yea yea yea as I try not to roll my eyes and be as encouraging as possible. Seriously tho I am overjoyed. Maybe this go round it will stick since self motivated.

Didn’t have any action pix of her so this will do. Well a few from a field trip we took but saving those for another post…maybe. You like her outfit? I made it. I dusted the machine off this past month.

She is doing her thing in the regular school stuff too. I want to highlight her muffin making. This month she has perfected orange poppy seed muffins.

This wasn’t her fav batch but the ones I captured.
She has also been making stuffed animal clothes and posing them with various objects. I had her delete, after emailing to herself, all 100 pictures from my phone so I can’t show you.

This is her enjoying her mandatory reading. It is mandatory but she is really enjoying it. Assata.

Oh and I did find another picture that I can post for Peace

She thought enough of it to take a picture with my phone.

With that, until next time.

4 thoughts on “One Month In

  1. Very creative kids! I like that your daughter want to take up Latin. My daughter and I speak “not so fluent” Spanish. lol. We know it fluently we just forget to speak to each other using the language… lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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