In the Kitchen: Frozen Fruit

We drink a good amount of smoothies, not store bought. Homemade.

I’ve frozen fruit before. It started off intentional. We would go to a U-pick farm, come back with goodies and preserve. cherry season
Or I would get a good deal at the farmers market. (Couldn’t find the blog post about canning peaches.)
Moving on. I thought the key to making the best smoothies was one piece of fresh ripe fruit. Well one day we had a good amount of fruit that was really ripe, but I knew we couldn’t eat it all so I froze it. When that fruit was used in a smoothie it was delicious too. So I concluded that fresh or frozen the fruit has to be ripe. And buying pre packed frozen fruit you never know what you are getting. I can’t say I never buy frozen fruit any more but rarely. I like to keep fresh fruit around and now I buy even more, since what we do not consume can easily be frozen.


Yes, those are bananas. When I see them at the store on clearance, you know the brown bagged up ones your gma used for banana bread or baby food, I get a good amount to freeze.

And pears. Any fruit will work, really.

Oh and sugared out, ripe fruit is great for us since I add spirulina and chlorella. It helps to camouflage the taste for the children (& me).


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