Sewing Goals

We returned from Mexico and I realized I had 6 weeks to make the girls 6 outfits. I looked at the general schedule and carved out 6 hours a week of sew time. I thought I would need more but this was the bare minimum.
In true Erika fashion I attacked the goal. In the first week something(s) changed in the schedule ( I forget what at this point) and I used that time to sew. So in the first week I had completed at least 1.5 outfits. Or something like that. Point is, I was head. Having that head start was great because after that I was able to just stick with the 6hrs a week and all was well. Then I decided that 4 outfits would suffice for a few reasons. And that was great because I was tired of sewing, ahead of schedule and more pressing matters surfaced. And since I ditched the last two outfits I decided to make 4 reversible hobo bags to match with the 4 new outfits and 2 previous outfits. They really like the bags.
Anyway. I write all this because I have been reading other sewing blogs for inspiration and a lot of them have sewing goals or challenges so I feel compelled to make one too.
I don’t want to lock myself into specific patterns but I do want to commit to sewing for 6 hours a week and/or a completed project a week. I think this is loose enough to speak to the creative side in me while still focusing on a goal. Maybe just maybe I will finally experiment with denim. All these jeans with holes I have been saving thanks to The Boy.


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