First Heartbeat


Robert and the children were listening to each others’ heartbeats. Aminah exclaimed that her father’s heartbeat was the first heartbeat she had ever heard.
After my hym & haw and reminding her that my heartbeat was actually the first she ever heard but she probably thought it was her own since we were that close. Nonetheless her comment made me reflect and realize that we had yet, one more thing in common. Her father’s heartbeat is the first heartbeat that we were cognizant of.
It made me wonder how she felt upon hearing it. Did it bring her the same comfort, security, and joy that it brought me? I still listen to his heartbeat but not as much as I should. I thank her for the reminder.



2 thoughts on “First Heartbeat

  1. ASA, and happy Saviours’ Day sister, ah, what a beautiful story, my heart feels so warm, your daughter hearing a heart beat for the first time. Wow! And it’s her fathers. That is so beautiful on so many levels. She will never forget that. Yes we do all the work and hardly ever get any credit, like…..our children’s first word is usually daddy, go figure. Listen, every child in the mosque first word
    Was Dahveed my husbands first name. Lol! IDk. I guess it was the D thing. Peace and blessings and keep up the good work.

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