I am not sure where I read that you invite clutter into your home as soon as you put something in the wrong place. For instance, you get a piece of paper in the mail and instead of determining if you really need it and either disposing of it or putting it in its proper place but instead set it on the counter to be dealt with later you are in fact inviting clutter into your home.
Ever since I read that I am personally doing much better although I already wasn’t too bad. But let’s multiply the issue by all the inhabitants in the house. Keeping in mind that some have the problem more than others. And we are not just talking scraps of paper. No our house doesn’t belong on an episode of hoarders. No where close. But it is still not as efficient as it should/can be.
Anyway, spring is upon us so let me get back to decluttering our space. I would like to do a complete overhaul of everything. Trying to remember to be patient. Off to The Boy’s room. Wish me well.


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