Where’s That Sand?

I’m sure you’ve heard that idiom about putting your head in the sand denoting that if you pretend to not see it then your problem will go away.
This is said to have come about because that is what many thought/think this is what ostriches do when they sense danger. However they are merely trying to eat a little sand & gravel to help their digestive system.
So yes they are infact putting their head in the sand to make their digestiveproblem go away, despite what others may see.

I need to learn how to mimic an ostrich sometime. Maybe I should invest in a



2 thoughts on “Where’s That Sand?

    • Thanks for smile. Metaphorically speaking maybe my sand will be time. Instead of always trying to solve problems right away learn to let time pass in order to help me or others digest. 🙂 or maybe my sand will be acceptance. maybe i don’t need to be in a rush to be a problem solver. Or to get things done. i see this issue applying to many areas of my life. maybe it will work. Think I’m going to give it a go. Next question is will it kill ME? Maybe it will bring great joy, patience, understanding? You be the judge.

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