How Long Is Too Long?

In the last few hours I’ve received emails asking me to talk about certain topics. Thanks for that.
It also leads me to ask several other questions that have been on my mind like:
1. How long is too long for a blog post? I know I prefer short and sweet.
2. How often do you prefer to see updates?
3. What makes you follow, subscribe by email, check back frequently, etc?
For me it takes one post that I REALLY liked, or 3 that were worth reading. Something like that. No hard rule though.
4. What makes you go the extra mile to comment on a blog?
5. Why do you even read blog(s)?
6. What are you interested in reading about?
7. Do you read blogs from a mobs device or home computer (laptop, Mac, pc, etc)?

I think this is enough questions for now?


What Do You Think?

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