They Killed Time

Today, after who knows how long, I wanted to call time. I couldn’t remember the number so I called a trusted friend that giggled with me and reminded me of popcorn. She also stated it was discontinued “years ago.” Say it ain’t so. I had to google it. (Insert a sincere moment of gratitude for the Internet.)
Sure enough time was killed. Shhh. Be respectful and take a moment of silence.
Who was the culprit? AT&T. It was a freebie that they provided. By taking away time they were able to add more phone numbers for profit. Come to find out you could dial 767 then any four numbers. I think I knew that but popcorn was always better.
Anyway, I found an article that I enjoyed reading
A lot if the commenters didn’t like the article, but I enjoyed it & two commenters made great points.
1. To most no big deal, but how many blind people actually used the service when not near an audible clock?
2. I would hate to get that number! Can you image, although the service was probably rarely used I would pass on that. Like the author in the above piece, maybe I’m just too nostalgic but we used to call time a lot.


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