Sew What: Ghana

Something things just test your resolve.

I’m not going to harp on the various challenges. I will just bask in the success.

My sewing skills are def improving. I am now beginning to see more clearly how to fit things together without a pattern/guide. I am pleased with that. When I first began to sew I was definitely retarded slow to learn. I didn’t get it. It was VERY foreign to me. I literally just followed step-by-step without comprehended so in the end it would look like I knew what I was doing. I was the one with the pencil reading each instruction about 5 times then checking it off once completed. I am no longer at that stage, praise God!!! But I still have a long way to go. Well maybe… Not sure how far I want to take this.
This was weird because I had learned to knit as an adult as well but I never followed a pattern and I made a bunch of stuff. Some reason I just got it.
Anywhoo, you are probably wondering why this post is titled Ghana. The tie dye material I used in the bag came from a piece of fabric that I got in Ghana in 1997. It was my favorite scarf until I literally wore it out. I haven’t worn it in sometime but i was holding on to because i knew that one day … i would find a use for it.
FYI: I’m usually not that sentimental or hold on to things but this fabric… .
The good thing is that now I feel like I can let it go. Anyone want a bag?
Just kidding. It’s Faith’s if she wants it. I am sure she does. Although she wasn’t born she seems to relish that period in my life.



4 thoughts on “Sew What: Ghana

  1. If Faith doesn’t want the bag ….
    Seriously though, it is lovely and I remember when you went and came back from Ghana. I remember it was only you and one other person who seemed to have any kind of deep experience and that stayed with me. Glad Faith is enjoying that period of your life too.

    • Thanks ZO :), that trip. Well as you say, you saw it in me. She def wants the bag. I should have taken her picture as she wore it while doing hw today. Empty. In house. Lol. I looked at her and started to say something but opted not too.

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