Sew What: An Act of Love

This one is for Peace. She kinda helped to design it. Actually she did because I would have done strips. I visually preferred it and it sews up much faster. You see how many seams I had to sew and then press open? While I was working on the bag my husband was in the kitchen toiling (preparing for somebody’s bday) and something told me to ask how he was doing. He responded that he was fine but was wondering if the effort he was making was worth it. I responded with a wow because prior to asking him I was thinking on how much love it takes to sew something for someone because it is very time consuming. we are not going to get into mass produced goods and sweat shopsHe jokingly stated, “yeah we should just go to Wing Stop and Macy’s and call it a day.” Neither of those are happening so we continued to toil away… with love.



3 thoughts on “Sew What: An Act of Love

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