Spring is officially here. This time of year I tend to be a lot more self reflective. It is similar to New Year’s for most…I guess. I’ve never participated in that. These last few weeks have been moreso than others. We had already slowed our pace of life down in terms of outside classes due to our Mexico excursion, but post Mexico is even a tad bit slower. It’s odd though because children actually have more schoolwork thanks Zawadi 🙂. Back to point, with the lull of driving to and fro (each child only has one regularly scheduled outside class), being in transition for major life changes, and the usually spirit of the year I am in a great space. I am making the time to achieve some of my personal goals. I feel great. I have my goal list set for the year and have already begun to work on a few of them. I am looking forward to a great year.
If you can’t tell, improving my sewing is on that list. I want to thank all the bloggers that publish their sewing journeys because I have been using them for inspiration and a special thanks to
I was planning to put off sewing for myself for a few months but she has inspired me to jump right in. I’m now in the process of trying to decide which pattern I should do first. Maybe I will do a poll because I am having a hard time deciding.
Once again HAPPY SPRING! It’s naturally the season when all things come alive.


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