Sew What: Envelope Bag

I want to eventually make a messenger bag. I don’t have a pattern. I actually think I may know how now, BUT before that I had the bright idea of one long piece of fabric pretty much folded in thirds to make a faux messenger bag. Easy enough right? I love easy so let’s see if it worked. (If you know of a free or low cost easy messenger bag pattern please let me know).

This was my template. Yes, I am reusing everything. That is a ruined piece of poster board. I don’t think I will ever use poster board as a pattern again. I like pinning fabric to pattern. Lesson learned.
Oops. Realized I didn’t take any in between pictures. Moving on. I first cut out lining. Then when I went to cut the fabric (another piece I got from Ghana, but not a “special” piece.) I realized that I could just cut this whole panel without interrupting the design. Of course it was longer than my template. So adjustments were made.
Then I put it together and this is what emerged.



Yes there are things I would do differently, like actually measure and cut a little neater. But I think it is ok and sewed up rather quickly. And is kinda messenger bag ish.


7 thoughts on “Sew What: Envelope Bag

  1. Looks messenger enough to me. Very unique looking messenger or envelope bag – never seen an African print one before. Nicely done.

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