Gratitude and Green Eggs

Spring is definitely here as egg production is back up.


Look at this jumbo green egg.


Yes we get green eggs. We have a breed called Ameraucana that lays green eggs.


9 thoughts on “Gratitude and Green Eggs

    • We don’t have any but there is a breed (maran) they lay a beautiful deep chocolate egg. And there are other breeds too. Actually most eggs are beautiful. Some even have “freckles.” It is amazing how simple yet beautiful
      They are. Due to commercialization & quest for sameness most folks are unaware. Each of our chickens, even same breeds lay a unique specimen for most part.

      • Probably in a year or so…maybe next Spring. We will be moving sometime before that and will be looking for a house in an area that does not prohibit having them! My sis-in-law originally got them to control the spider population. She says they have been doing a great job keeping them out of the house because the chickens eat them all in the yard before they have a chance to get in!

  1. We have 8 hens in a coop we built in our back yard. Most are Red Sex-Link, or something like that, and we get all shades of brown eggs. So good!

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