This Morning

This morning on my walk I was blessed to see about 20 hares, 2 salamanders, 1 snake, 1 banana slug, about 10 quails, a bunch of other types of birds, and at least 20 cows. Oh and of course chickens once I got back home. All before 8am. A nice way to start the day.

On one part of the trail I rounded a bend rather quickly and startled myself and about 8 cows. It was pretty funny as I jumped back and so did they. We were all scared.
Then on another bend I could clearly see another set of about 12 and they could clearly see me. They actually were walking towards me. Almost looked like they were asking me for some food; a treat of some sort. Weird. But maybe not. I just don’t know cows. Which leads to next point, next semester The Boy and i will be doing a lapbook on cows. I’m almost certain it will also help in my understanding of ch 2 titled The Cow in the Holy Quran.

That’s it folks! I’m tired! And yes, the night is still young.


3 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. What a beautiful morning indeed! I see the beauty of the day through your eyes today for mine were loading a U-Haul. I love cows and livestock. They show the creativity of our Master.

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