Initiation into the World of Bees

Greetings! I can now officially say that I am a beekeeper. I have finally been stung by bees. Keyword is beeS. Ok don’t panic or worry about me. As of now I have not had an allergic reaction or anything and I see the beauty in this situation.

Go over beauty or tell my “what had happened was” story.

“what had happened was” the bees were supposed to get picked up today. this am. (for none beekeepers it is best to move late night or early morning when they are settled.) So i went out there to do my part. take a box or two off to make it easier to transport and block the entrance so no escapes while being transported. SO I dawn the bee suit, smoker, and hive tool. Everything is going great. no need for smoker. box one removed. and of course, me the overachiever at times attempts to remove the second box. but after i could tell i was annoying the bees I stopped. But then in piecing the two back together to put on the stand…I dropped the hive. This is where a low explicit slips from my lips. (It’s too early to wake the neighbors and such. The less people around angry bees the better). I quickly piece it back together while looking on the bright size. Hopefully only one box will now have to be transported with bees. I believe I had the queen in the one box that is now sitting on the stand. I put the other boxes that still had bees around it near the hive in hopes that they will all go back into that one box so that the next attempt to transport i can just seal off entrance and be done with it. As you can see this is an experiment and a fun(ny) one at that. Straight comical. Glad I didn’t have The Boy out there with me. Nonetheless during this ordeal the bees were angry and on the attack. So they stung me a few times. It felt like I had more stings that stingers than I removed. I was feeling tingling in several places while I was out there. But I only removed 3 stingers once the dust settled. Anyway, Imagine being woke up in the am by someone dropping your house. My bad! I am not angry or upset, although I know they are.

This is where the beauty comes in. A few thoughts that crossed my mind and God willing I will reflect on it more as my day progresses.

1. I love my life. There really are few dull moments. As a friend pointed out, my children will have plenty of stories to tell about the adventures of my life. “Do you remember the time Mom got stung by bees?… and the time she… no what about when… .” This has never crossed my mind. I just think of it as the fertilizer that keeps my grass green now. God willing these adventures will keep green grass for generations to come.

2. As of now, it doesn’t seem like I am allergic to bees.

3. I now what it actually feels like to be stung by bee(s). Yes, if given the opportunity I will keep bees again and hopefully I will never drop another hive.

Alright, I gotta go for my morning walk. I know every blog should have a picture. Here is one from my hike yesterday since when under attack it is hard to stop and snap photos.




Do something today to make your grass greener!


10 thoughts on “Initiation into the World of Bees

  1. I’m not trying to sound like a know it all but this really helps. Get the homeopathic, Apis Mellifica, and you will heal much faster. Also, Benadryl will help with swelling and discomfort. The second and the third days are the worst and then the itching will drive you mad!. In the future, the sooner the stinger is out, the less swelling. Finally, making a poultice of meat tenderizer and putting that on stings right after it happens works really well.

    Some people sting themselves on purpose for health reasons. Welcome to beekeeping. I’ve got lots of frames you may have if you want to try this method I used as described in the following post.

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