Off the Dome Top Nine Fictional Children’s Books

As the school year winds down (boy are we ready to stop and start next phase) and I mentally prepare for the next; I realize that I miss the days when we would spend hours cuddled up reading together. We definitely need more of that in our lives. Yes we still read together but but but it’s not the same. Our lives are a lot more regimented. This was also before so much screen time (computer) was allowed. Some of their work is on the computer and/or have to be used to for modern day assignments. Oh the fine balance that needs to be found. It’s not all bad. So don’t get that impression.
Back to point of the post.

Top 9 Fictional Books I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my children. I am probably missing some but these were the ones that popped in my mind first.
1. chasing Vermeer

2.the Calder game

3. the wright 3

4. Marley Z and the blood stained violin

5. Ida B

6. The Land

7. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

8. Esperanza Rising

9. Hoot

If you have recommendations please post in comment section. Oh & We don’t do wizards and fairies. We enjoy historical fiction, a good mystery, or social justice as a theme.


6 thoughts on “Off the Dome Top Nine Fictional Children’s Books

  1. My daughter really enjoyed Out of My Mind. Her teacher read it aloud to the class and she liked it so much she bought it at the book fair. I enjoyed The Westing Game when I was a kid. Other than that there’s a lot of fairy tale retellings read in our house!

  2. Asa, just read your post on children’s books.
    Appreciate since I want to read more books with Saadiq that tell great stories and peek his desire to read. If you can recommend the ones u think would be most age appropriate for him (6 going on 18).

    • Ws! First thought was choc factory if he hasn’t seen movie. But still maybe if he has. Book before movie lets him imagine characters for himself. Second was any of max axiom books. when he was 7 we read Animal Farm together and he thoroughly enjoyed. He also liked a serious about a boy named buzz beaker. When trying to get The Boy more interested in solo reading he found a bunch of series ESP graphic novels that did not move me, but I endured. They all have SAME plot. One was baby mouse. I can ask him for some titles if you want to go that route.

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