It’s Not Fun!


I was not pleased with many of the thoughts that kept popping into my head while doing yoga today. The one that really made me stop and reflect is when I told myself that I don’t like it. Yes, while in class. That certainly helps. 😤
You may be thinking, “what’s the big deal? I wouldn’t like hot yoga either.”

The big deal is that I used to LOVE it, so that statement is far from the truth. I have come to terms that the “it” I don’t like is the current physical condition I am in cuz gosh darnit heated yoga is hard challenging right now.

It reminded me of children (anyone really) that are learning something and claim they don’t like it when the issue is that they really don’t know how to do it which is the cause of the dislike. But if they work through it they (1) like it and/or (2) respect it but not as vehement about not liking it.
God willing I will persist until I like it again. Or I move, which ever comes first.
(I really plan to go a few times a week at least for the next 21 days).


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