I Knew It


I was in the kitchen prepping dinner and something he was quiettold me to check on the boy. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but definitely one that said check on him.

I walked to the backyard and saw that he had hopped the fence and was on the neighbor’s roof picking fruit.

Boy, get down from there is all I could say. And I asked Peace to snap a photo. Nice pic by the way. I heard him tell her that he wasn’t sure how to get down. I laughed at her response,”that’s why she doesn’t want you up there.”

He figured out how to get down safely, on his own. I’m sure this will be a fond memory of his.

FYI: yes he had neighbor’s permission.


5 thoughts on “I Knew It

  1. 🙂 Reminds me of that saying “Silence is golden – unless you have kids, then it’s just suspicious.”

  2. ASA hope you got my post Sister Erika? I tried to respond to your message about 15 minutes ago….let me know if you got it. Peace!

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