“Say Hello To My Little Friend”

This post is about a few things:

I had to break out the sawzall to deal with

I couldn’t get it to come apart. The funny thing is that when I went to take it out it reminded me of a movie. You know when they lovingly get their oversized gun out of its cubby cuz nothing else is working. So I stopped to take pictures. Just two as I didn’t want to over do it. I completely forgot to take picture of aftermath but just know it is gone.


In other news…
Children and I went on presumably our last hike with outdoor Afros for who knows how long. 😪 Not a branch where we are going. Anyway, It was their first. And overall I think they enjoyed it. I know Peace did.


We walked from Point Lobos to Golden Gate Bridge.

Moving on. I haven’t sewn in May but In April I did complete 3 pieces. Two of which I don’t care for. One looks good on Peace so I plan to complete collar and give to her. The knit pants tho. Me no likey. Any suggestions on what else I can do with the fabric.



Last but not least. Plus this is longer than i like. We are almost finished with our goals for school year. Just a little math and science left and we are done.

I’m sure you can tell I’m not digging this fit.


2 thoughts on ““Say Hello To My Little Friend”

  1. Regarding knit pants – you can undo the inner leg seams and add a triangular patch of matching (or different) fabric to make a flowy roomy skirt that doesn’t look too billowy. If you have mad sewing skills you could even do a bit of a pleat so that it looks straighter as you stand, yet has secret room and coverage for when you walk or sit. I haven’t tried this personally, but have an idea to do it on some pants i have that are worn out in certain areas but still have some use value if i ever find the time to be crafty with them 🙂

    Otherwise – nice sewing jobs on your part.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • You mean like how folks make those jean skirts? Not a bad idea. I guess I would have to wrap my mind around wearing a skirt tho. Been some time on that front.

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