Sleep Jogging


I must admit that although I want to share this bit of information this is a procrastination post. The task I really should be doing…I don’t feel like doing. Sitting in this chair with a satisfied stomach under a blanket is better than heading to garage to purge. At least right now.

Anyway, this used to be my favorite trail. Actually I think it still is. I hadn’t been in a little over 2 years since it was close to my old house. I went for the first time in a long time last week. It was a weird feeling being back up there. But afterwards I felt great and was happy I went. By the next day my mind and body was looking forward to going again.
I got to go yesterday. Man, I really enjoy this trail. I haven’t jogged in awhile but this trail…it just makes my body want to. I did actually. Both times and it felt great. Maybe it’s muscle/mind memory since I used to jog this trail about 3/wk for years. The terrain is perfect for it.

The title of this post.
I found out I was pregnant with Peace on this trail. One morning before work I was jogging with my jogging partner and though my pace was the same I was literally sleep jogging. oh I used to have a nice stride I kept having to focus on keeping my eyes open. I didn’t know what was going on. So I went to the doctor. Urine test was negative.then she did an ultrasound and said you are pregnant, I see a sac but no baby. Needless to say the rest is history.

And I am looking forward to hitting this trail again, soon, God willing!


7 thoughts on “Sleep Jogging

  1. Wa- Alaikum Salaam Sis. Erika! Wow this site is a little different from Facebook but I guess I can get use to it LOL! It was really nice seeing you and your children again as it’s been a few years. But I was happy to see how well you all looked and doing fine.I’m about to turn my computer off for the night. sending you Peace an d Blessings sis…we’ll keep in touch!

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