Behold… A Pale Horse

Greetings and Peace!
This was not one of the 50 posts that was consciously swirling in my head. Nonetheless it seems like it should be first.
I had a dream that I was in the grocery store and foods, most foods, were labeled with a pale horse. It was odd. It was a subtle label. One that you may miss if not looking carefully. So I saw it. Refocused my eyes to make sure I was seeing correctly, and then stepped even closer to confirm yet again that what I was seeing was real and the thang became animated and started talking to me. Lol but I am so serious! It said something to the effect that yes, you are seeing correctly and yes this product will give you cancer.
No I’m not nor was I intoxicated. Wish I could say I’m not crazy (as I start singing Cee-lo’s crazy lyrics).
Anyway, there are many levels to this that I see and I am sure more will surface as my day progresses.
I don’t like long blog post so going to try to do a brief list and feel free to comment so we can dialog further.
1. I’m in transition so diet is way off.
2. Been shopping at “regular” grocery stores, which is scary because it is nothing but death.
3. The meaning of a pale horse for those that don’t know is death.
Revelations 6:8
4. Satan is bold enough and is telling you (us) that death is being sold in the form of food. Yet we still buy.
5. The Time & What Must Be Done & Saviours Day lecture 2013
learn more here
6.A good book I wish I could curl up and read Behold A Pale Horse
Haven’t read since high school. God willing will make the time to read it soon.
7. Continue to Strive to be in this world but not of this world.

God bless y’all. Feel free to provide feedback.


8 thoughts on “Behold… A Pale Horse

  1. I started reading this thinking, “what is she talking about now”, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for posting. Being somewhat familiar with your random, strange and clairvoyant dreams, I am not surprised by this.
    This was awesome!

  2. Being “in this world but not of this world” is so very true. It’s a lonely road. My diet has been becoming ever more restricted as of late, and it’s tough. Trying to eat raw when i still have to cook for the fam. You are definitely right about the death to be found at non-whole grocery stores. Stay strong! Get back on track! You can do it!

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