Dallas Done Wit Nappy

Dallas has a ton of black women ROCKING their natural hair. I’m loving it! At one point I mentioned it to one friend and less that 12 hours later another friend, unaware of convo or my amazement, sent me an article on how so many black women in Dallas are wearing their natural hair.

Anybody wondering I have been consciously natural for 19 years.
I don’t have any magic potions or anything. My favorite style… Twists. I’m a very simple kinda gal.

I virtually always wear my hair covered, but to my natural Sisters around the world and in the Big D, I’m right there with you and glad to see so many embracing the mane God gave them.


3 thoughts on “Dallas Done Wit Nappy

  1. Our natural hair is our crowning glory! I haven’t straightened my hair in 26 years. My baby girl, who is rocking the “locks of life” (as a sister friend of mine says), has never had heat or chemicals on her hair, and it is so thick and healthy. Wearing our natural hair is one of the most revolutionary things we sisters can do. So to all my sisters out there: keep rockin’ your natural hair!!
    BTW, can you wear a gele and still adhere to your religious requirements? ,If so, you should try it. It’s really beautiful. I cover my locks that way whenever I go out these days.

    See pics of different gele styles here:http://www.africanbeauty.ca/
    Watch a Nigerian sister wrap a gele: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=eCfh8Kn_CaQ&feature=endscreen

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