Dinner Food

Where to begin?
The ex-farm girl in me is craving the foods I would normally eat this time of year from my backyard. It seems odd buying green beans and zucchini from a store. But hey I did. And tho it didn’t have the same effect on the mind or body we had a good meal.
The conversations were even better. As we mentally prepare for Ramadan and the children, particularly younger two, try decide what physical foods they plan to give up in celebration I was happy to hear that “giving up processed foods is good but fairly easy.”
We spoke on other things but my eyelids are closing yaaay! I’ve been going to bed way to early in the morning so I am going to honor this feeling. Maybe I’m adjusting to central time!?!
Any way, as Russell Simmons says,”God bless and Goodnight.”


The Boy volunteered to make a fruit salad with dinner. Praise God! I love it when all hands are on deck, especially voluntarily.


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