Muhammad’s Ark

Seeing the signs that although we are not “settled” we are in the process of settling.
Here is where I admit that I missed doing work/projects with my children. Anyway, the projects have started back up, praise God! Here is a completed one.


This is why I love homeschooling and open ended assignments. I gave the general task that we were to decorate a jar to store our contributions to Muhammad’s Arc. I gave freedom except everyone had to contribute something. You could even print off Internet as long as you do something to put your touch on it.
It wasn’t a competition although one child’s (faith’s) was head and shoulders above the rest that we all agreed that this is def the one. We also had some good laughs about how if this was a “reality” show some folks would be getting sent home.
An explanation of her masterpiece. I wish I wrote down what she said. And of course it’s too late to wake her.
1.The jar has a signed taped to it that reads something to effect of donations for Muhammad’s ark. That’s where you make your deposit.
2. The people are working on the ark because it is not yet complete.
3. The Popsicle sticks are the supplies they are using to build.
4. One person is asking for donations.
5. The bird whistle (a souvenir from Mexico City when she visited the pyramids)
6. The paper ark…. She researched how to create and perfect all on her own on YouTube
7. Men, women, and children are all making this a reality.
I am very proud of her for going the extra mile. I’m not artsy like this so I would have done something much simpler. This will help make dropping my contributions in much more inviting.

Oh Muhammad’s ark is a fund that is being established to help black people began to buy land and start producing some of our basic needs for ourselves.
Here is a link to a great explanation on it
explanation of Muhammad’s Ark

Let me know if you want to donate. $18 a year is desired goal per person. “If everyone does a little no one has to do a lot.”


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