So the chore chart is up and we are trying something new. Hopefully it will work out.
This time I just looked at what needs to be done and assigned a day to it. I then asked the children to keep in mind each others skill level and schedule and sign up for who is to do what on a given day.
I like it because it seems like a more mature way to handle it and everyone is doing a little bit of everything which will build skills. Well The Boy is constantly on garbage duty and no dish duty but you get what I mean.

Of course if stuff comes up they know they will be asked to help. Chore charts are simply to cover the basics.

We shall see

Oh and I plan to type it but technologically challenged right now. This works tho.


4 thoughts on “Chores

    • Sure. It is broken up to give more hands the opportunity to help.
      Breakfast/lunch dishes; counters, stove, sweep floor; dinner dishes; kitchen table area; mop kitchen floor; dishes away; log cabin tidy; half bath designated with an F when full-service is to be performed; bathroom (F); vacuum entire house, garbages (designated with a c when needs to go to curb).

  1. I like the cooperative effort and giving them the opportunity to step up. Thanks for updating and please share how it works out in the long run.

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