Home Economics

A friend emailed me (7/4) stating some very kind and inspiring words about my attempts at creating peace in my home.
I won’t get into how it doesn’t seem like it but instead I said praise be to Allah and let it jolt me into home economics mode. I came up with a plan to do one home economics project and one disaster prep something each week.
It was a little strain initially because the projects that came to mind first have to be put on the back burner. Then a few things came to mind.
And in true Erika fashion I had to complete a project for that week even though it was already Thursday.
First project was supposed to be laundry detergent. Easy enough, right? Well store was out of all supplies.
These are my projects for the first 3 weeks.






A shirt. Pants. Hat. Bag.
They each have a story but this is already long.
Maybe tomorrow will do a quick post on disaster prep.


5 thoughts on “Home Economics

    • Ever piece has a story. ๐Ÿ™‚ before this beret I told myself I wasn’t making anymore due to inconsistencies & not getting it right. I thought I would just buy scarves and call it a day. But… I just went for it. It could be a little bigger but guess it will work for now.

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