It Is Abnormal


“Those who are forced to navigate through or subsist in social settings where racism is pervasive become mentally ill. It is abnormal for a human being to persistently confront hatred, in any form. This is abnormal behavior for human beings.
Unfortunately, many parents of Black and Hispanic children believe that they have no other way of advancing in American society unless they come through the racist educational institutions of America. Most parents do not fully consider the price their children pay to be in hostile environments, and to receive training that infuses inferiority complexes in them.”
The Power of Modesty
By Kevin Muhammad


4 thoughts on “It Is Abnormal

  1. So deep, right there. And it is not just the racism, but also the shaming (from teachers and peers), bullying, being taught to compete against others instead of yourself, the idolatry of external validation, inability to cater to differences in learning/ interest and squashing of individuality. We are really considering homeschooling for this reason. The jury is still out, but your family remains one of my biggest inspirations. Thanks for this post.

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