Disaster Prep: Water

So I’m supposed to be posting one disaster prep something once a week for 9 weeks. I’m three weeks behind on posting but not doing.
First step in preparing for me is water. At least 3 days worth (ideally more). Next step is 7-10 day supply.
I start with three days because govt tells you to plan for at least that.
1 gallon of water per person per day

May seem like a lot but water is for more than just drinking. Think washing hands, food prep, laundry, dishes, cleaning wounds, etc.
You don’t have to stock up on store bought bottled water.
Municipal water plants treat water with chlorine and other chemicals to kill pathogens that might be present. It usually carries more chlorine than necessary. So if you are using this kind of water for your emergency stored water just fill containers and cap tightly.
Make sure you start with sanitized containers. Do not use milk or fruit juice containers. Many folks use two-litter soda bottles.

Commercial water bottles in 2 to 5 gallon size containers are also good choices. Larger bottles will come in handy for flushing toilets, rinsing dishes, & sponge baths.

This is good for week one.
Hopefully I’ll post what was completed for week 2 tomorrow. Y’all know I don’t favor long posts.
And for the record, I purchased water because I don’t drink soda and didn’t want to go buy containers. Especially when I lucked upon a Tom Thumb that was going out of business so I stacked up.



3 thoughts on “Disaster Prep: Water

  1. Timely post – I was just looking into preparedness for our move. Looking forward to your subsequent posts.

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