Disaster Prep: water.3

I do believe this is last post on water for this series. 🙂
Make sure to read to the end for a recipe.
So you have water and wondering where to store:
• if possible store it off ground
• keep several large bottles in freezer, if possible. This will provide ice during a power outage, will keep food cold, & you don’t have to worry about freezer burn.
•dark places are better than light to preserve the plastic
•avoid storing in garage as heat can degrade plastic faster

• don’t forget about the water in your hot water heater and in the tops of your toilet tanks, unless you use toilet bowl cleaner. These two sources could be about 40 gallons of water.

recipe for rehydration
•3tbsp sugar
• 1 tsp salt
Mix sugar/salt combo with a liter of clean water

Make a few batches and store in snack size ziplock bags. Great to have on hand for vomiting and diarrhea (cha cha cha).

For the record: I made a few bags of the rehydration formula. And made sure my water is stored off the ground. Most of it anyway.



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