“That’s Not Too Bad”

As my daughter prepared to venture out:
Her: Mom, how hot is it?
Me: you mean right now?
Her: yes
Me: as I check weather on phone, 100.
Her: a calm look, “that’s not that bad.”

I guess we are getting used to the heat as we are all in agreement that it really isn’t that bad.
Did I mention that we are from San Francisco Bay Area. I’m sure you have heard something about summers there. So this is def a jump.

Now to get used to the time change. Wondering if we, really me, are still off from being 35+ years in a diff time zone in conjunction with already late nights & jumping right into Ramadan which means later meals which translates into later nights. I guess we shall see what the next few weeks deliver.
“School” starts back soon so need to get it together better.


As I look at that photo it makes me think of going south. But that’s another post.


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