Ramadan 2013 part two

Ramadan 2013 is officially over. A lot of personal growth and development, praise be to God. As Muslims the world over are praying to keep the spirit of Ramadan the remainder of the year I am no different. So…I’ve come up with a plan to at least get me through the next month, inshallah.
The plan…
I took notes during my reading. Inshallah I will pick one or two verses and marinate, look deeper into once a day during my personal study time. There are probably enough notes to get me through the year. 🙂
And listen to Ramadan Prayer Line for the next 30 days. And of course keep up prayer.
We shall see how this works.

As for the children’s Ramadan experience.
This is what they had to say:
The Boy: I enjoyed taking notes from the Holy Quran
Faith: I like reading the Holy Quran. It said what we believe but in old fashioned words.
Peace: grateful that she was able to complete fasting from food.

May God continue to extend His grace and Mercy while we recalibrate and get back on His standard.



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